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Aeroklas Commercial hardtop - V7V7; LK6A ontario green - Volkswagen D/C 2010-

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1,649.00 €
1,359.15 € + VAT ( 1,726.12 € )
Discount: 289.85 €
Discount: 18%
Model: AK-COM-V7V7
• Double shell ABS plastic with metal frame support
• Light, very strong and completely recyclable
• Lockable, tinted rear window with demister
• Power washable, very durable interior
• Integrated LED brake light, and automatic inner light
• Sliding front window for ventilation
• Weather protection with pre-installed sealings
• Non drill installation, Plug&Play wiring harness
• Optional roof rail (75kg loading capacity)
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Aeroklas Hardtop Accessories - Spoiler, V7V7 green - Volkswagen 2010- Aeroklas Hardtop Accessories - Spoiler, V7V7 green - Volkswagen 2010-
149.00 € + VAT (189.23 €)
Aeroklas Hardtop Accessories - Roof rail Aeroklas Hardtop Accessories - Roof rail
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ABS has a perfect balance of properties: strong, chemical- and temperature resistant, rust free, it reshapes after an impact.    •    Additional advantages to the hardtops made of fiberglass are the automated production, light weight and 100% recyclability.    •    Made from a single piece of ABS, so it has no connection joints, sharp edges or weak areas.    •    Tinted safety rear glass.    •    Thanks to all these advantages and perfect design, the Aeroklas hardtops were choosen by Mitsubishi Global, Ford Europe, Toyota Europe, Porsche Group, etc.. as the original OE hardtop.