Aeroklas Stylish hardtop - pop-up side window - 568 mercury silver - Isuzu E/C 2020-

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HSP Tailgate Central Lock - Isuzu 2020-
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Model: 304113200164-568
• Simple shell ABS plastic with metal frame support
• Light, very strong and completely recyclable
• Central locking, tinted rear window with demister
• Power washable, very durable interior
• Integrated LED brake light, and automatic inner light
• Sliding front window for extra ventilation
• Weather protection with pre-installed sealings
• Non drill installation, Plug&Play wiring harness
• For Extra Cab / Space Cab Isuzu D-Max


ABS has a perfect balance of properties: strong, chemical- and temperature resistant, rust free, it reshapes after an impact.    •    Additional advantages to the hardtops made of fiberglass are the automated production, light weight and 100% recyclability.    •    Made from a single piece of ABS, so it has no connection joints, sharp edges or weak areas.    •    Tinted safety rear and side glass.    •    Thanks to all these advantages and perfect design, the Aeroklas hardtops were choosen by Mitsubishi Global, Ford Europe, Toyota Europe, Porsche Group, etc.. as the original OE hardtop.

Aeroklas Tailgate Assist - Isuzu 2020-

139.00 € + VAT (176.53 €)
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HSP Tailgate Central Lock - Isuzu 2020-

139.00 € + VAT (176.53 €)
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