Mountain Top EVOm Manual Roll Cover - black - Ford/Volkswagen D/C 2023-

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Model: EVOm FO10 HB02
• Compatible with all Ranger 2023+ models (XLT, Wildtrak, Raptor, etc.)
• Matching all the Amarok 2023+ specifications as well
• Sleek and sporty design to match the lines of modern pickups
• Manual operation
• Clever, integrated pull-strap, lock and release design
• With a lockable tailgate the truck bed is fully secure
• High quality, only stainless material
• Knife-proof lamellas and no external handle for added security
• 6-point water management system, drains up to 40 L per minute
• Small canister, maximum storage space
• Improving fuel economy
• Compatible with original styling bar (no adapter needed)
• Optional cargo carriers
• Designed and made in Denmark
• Installation recommended with under rail bed liner