Cargo Carriers for Original Electric Roll Cover - black, 1 pair - Ranger/Amarok 2023-

259.00 € + VAT ( 328.93 € )
Availability: Pre-order (Ask for availability)
Model: CCE FO10 HB01/FOE
• Important info about the necessary reinforcement (J-brace) of the truck bed can be found below
• Compatible with Ford/VW original electric roll cover
• Easy to install onto the side tracks of the roll
• The lockable design ensures cargo to be transported safely
• Compatible with Thule program
• Carrying capacity of maximum 75 kg/pair
• 1 pair in the package


Responsive image2023+ Ford/Volkswagen; Important information

  • In order to preserve the structural integrity of the truck bed, Ford/Volkswagen recommends the installation of reinforcement brackets (J-brace) when installing accessories on the rail of the truck bed.
  • In practice, this means that in the case of accessories (e.g. hardtops) that extend above the side wall of the truck bed and weigh more than 45 kg, the installation of a reinforcement J-brace is required. The part in question is shown in blue on the picture.
  • Ford sells these brackets as aftermarket service parts available under the following codes:

    ◦ Ranger (except Raptor) part number: AMN1WJ27726AA / VN1WZ2627726A
    ◦ Ranger Raptor part number: AMN1WJ27726BA / VN1WZ2627726B

  • Failure to install the brackets may void the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Please contact your dealer for more information.